Oct 30 - Nov 1 | Minneapolis, MN

Marketing & Distribution Convention:

Where Manufacturers meet Distributors

Matt Westendorf – The Bigger Picture

Westendorf knows members are busy, and it’s easy to find excuses not to attend a meeting.

But he says that when we step away from our day-to-day work, important things happen.

“Your mind clears, you hear what the industry is doing, you hear what your suppliers are doing, and it just gives you a broad approach and a bigger picture. I always talk about getting at a higher elevation, and that’s what the Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association does for you.”

Don Landoll – Building Industry Relationships

Don Landoll has been a member of our Association for 45-plus years and has only missed a couple conventions.

“I think it’s a great place for the members. I too was one of those that didn’t get there for the first couple of years, a small company, a lot of the new members are smaller, and you got work to do at home.” 

Landoll encourages members to take the time to attend and see your counterparts. He even recommend getting to know your competitors. As for the Supplier Product Showcase, Don says he always finds something to pick up, as well as new ideas to further yourself.

John Tye – You Are Missing Out

Tye does not mince words when talking about our meetings. “If you’re not coming to the meetings, you’re missing out on one of the great benefits of being a member.  If you think that you’re having to take 2 or 3 days out of your life to come here, and it’s not something that you really would look at as a reasonable trade off, I think you’re missing.

Tye also talked about the “ah-ha moments” he finds not only sitting in speaker sessions but also listening to people during a coffee break, or at a cocktail hour. Tye says: “You learn something from nearly everybody.”


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